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Step One:

Analysis Of The Client's Needs: Our team of experts will assess a client's needs review process. Together, we'll develop a custom-designed program to meet the client's specific goals and objectives.

Step Two:

Statement Of Work: The Centredale/Dura-Fab team will draft a Statement Of Work, outlining an agreed-upon course of action and detailing Centredale/Dura-Fab Technology's commitment to the client.

Step Three:

Training: In order to ensure the highest quality of service, Centredale/Dura-Fab undertakes an intensive training program designed to educate our customers about the products. This enables Centredale/Dura-Fab to deliver consistent, accurate service to clients and their customers.

Step Four:

Implementation: After all the "i"s are dotted and the "t"s are crossed, Centredale/Dura-Fab can begin building the client's customer relationships while simultaneously enhancing the bottom line. At Centredale/Dura-Fab, we understand speed is critical in today's global marketplace and we'll adjust ourselves to the client's schedule.

Step Five:

Ongoing Business Support And Analysis: The Centredale/Dura-Fab team will set up regular meetings to answer any questions a client may have and to provide hands-on support. Centredale/Dura-Fab delivers multi-level reports to clients, itemizing the status of inventory, customers, sales, etc. These user-friendly reports and informative charts analyze trends, identify problems in the supply chain and trigger warning flags - all of which allow clients to resolve issues and discrepancies long before they turn into complicated and costly problems.

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